New trailer - questionable galvanised finish

 Morning all,


Last week I picked up a new boat + trailer which we'd been waiting on for close to a year. We paid very good money for the trailer and boat from a very well known Australian brand.


When I got it home for a decent look, I noticed the finish on the galvanising looks pretty sub-par with areas already flaking off and spot rust starting in sections already.


It also appears as though the trailer wasn't cleaned properly prior to galvanising, given areas of very rough surface finish. I assume the proud points will wear faster resulting in accelerated risk in rust.


My questions to those that know anything about galvanising and current industry standards -

  • Is the finish below what would be considered a tradesman / industry standard for marine galvanising
  • Will the finish impact the longevity of the trailer
  • What can be done to fixing the issue i.e. sandblast re-galvenise etc
  • Anyone else had any issues like this recently? If so, what happended when it was flagged with the supplier

Thanks in advance! 



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 Hi mate, few different

Tue, 2023-04-11 13:29

 Hi mate, few different issues going on there, none of them look like show stoppers to me.

First pic looks like crap off the top of the galv bath (or maybe the bottom, might have gone too deep), not pretty but prob better to leave there than try and fix.

If they tried to fix this, it would of been by grinding / flap disc. They may go right through the zinc then you would end up with a repair.

Second pic, its hard to dip chain without it all sticking together. Not worth fixing I don't recon. You could cut the chain off and replace with fresh galv chain.

Third pic is weeping from the vent hole / stich weld. Acid gets in between the steel and does not all come out during the dip. It often weeps out later and causes this. Might be a bit of ash from the bath there too.

4th pic, not sure, looks ok to me.

Last pic not sure either, maybe handling damage? 


All of this is not great to look at, and grounds for you to complain, but likely not enough to get the trailer re-dipped.

Send these to the people you got the boat from and see what they say.

You might get lucky.

I wonder if that was done here in Perth, or somewhere else?




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 You've nailed it mate, acid

Tue, 2023-04-11 13:42

 You've nailed it mate, acid bath weep. 

Unless all the steel sections are seal welded then you'll always have this problem. The chainlinks I wouldn't be concerned about as there literally a moving part. 

On the whole it looks ok, just need to give it a good freshwatwer flush each use.


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New trailer - questionable galvanised finish

Tue, 2023-04-11 14:09

Had a trailcraft trailer acid washed and gal dipped a couple of years ago job was just a lick and a spit wouldn't recommend the company that did it to anyone.

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 If it is a stock standard

Tue, 2023-04-11 19:48

 If it is a stock standard trailer I would take it back. If it is custom built then I still wouldn't be happy and would send photos to the manufacturer and ask how they are going to fix it.

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Tue, 2023-05-30 18:25

 i had my trailer redone by hartways and took it back to question a few things similar to the pics only to be told it`s normal. now 1.5 years later my trailer has more rust in it than when i took it in to be re galvanised :-(

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 New standards are not worth

Tue, 2023-05-30 19:01

 New standards are not worth talking about. You will never get 1980's or prior or 20 years past standards now not even close.


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 Guy the galvanisers do have

Tue, 2023-05-30 20:05

 Guy the galvanisers do have different treatment options and thickness standards, but not cheap. As I mentioned above a lot of it to do with prep and sealing. 


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 I have seen some really

Wed, 2023-05-31 05:43

 I have seen some really heavy coated stuff at work was going to a prison up north from memory. 


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