Mounting a bilge pump in an ali boat

 Hi guys, i have a plate ali boat and want to fit a bilge pump in it. Would anyone have any tips or share how they have fixed a bilge  pump to their ali hulls? I do see the that bilge strainer that clips off the pump has mounting screw holes underneath it but that would be to fix to glass and obviously don't wanna screw into my hull.

Pretty sure I'm gonna have to make up a bracket of some kind to keep it up upright and secure at the back of my boat. Be interesting to hear what has worked for fellow members.


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Thu, 2022-05-26 22:36

 I used sika flex, still going strong 6 years later


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 Sikaflex in the black tube,

Fri, 2022-05-27 06:29

 Sikaflex in the black tube, it's more of an adhesive than a sealant.

Also, scratch the surface up, then clean with IPA (alcohol) before glueing. 

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Use Sika 291 and Sika it down

Fri, 2022-05-27 07:19

Use Sika 291 and Sika it down to hull where the little bits stick out to screw it down being careful that no sika blocks the water inlet point. 


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Another vote for Sikaflex 291

Fri, 2022-05-27 08:03

Another vote for Sikaflex 291

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L Shape

Fri, 2022-05-27 10:43

 For rule pumps you can get an L shaped bracket, pop rivet that to the vertical ribs or buy the basket and sikflex it down, Bunnings have 291 in white and black.

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Thanks for the reply

Mon, 2022-05-30 12:37

 Looks like sika is the go. Cheers