monkey mia trip.

hey guys.

heading to monkey mia on the 28th march for 7 days and brining the boat. never fished up here before.

have read a few prev posts abut crabbing, and am keen to give it a crack.  just wondering if too late in the season, or still worth brining the nets?

also will be launching mainly form the ramp near monkey mia. wondering if anyone can comment on how good the ramp is, or any issues i may expect?

lastly, as far as fishing goes, is there decent fishing this side, or am i best heading over to denham side and launching there?  will be much more convenient to launch from the ramp monkey mia side. any partic equipment/rigs people could reccomend? so far thinking standard bottom rigs, and a whole unweighted mulie out the back.

gonna do a mix of trolling and bottom bouncing. not really sure what to expect given some comments on the recent pressure the area has experienced, but who knows, maybe theat ever elusive mackerel will end up on the boat!!



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Take the crab nets

Mon, 2022-03-14 20:29

Other than that fish the channels and keep a respectful eye on what others are doing. Plenty of blacks and Estuary cods on the edges.

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Tue, 2022-03-15 18:09

 Ramp is good though can get a bit of sand on it.

Crabs can be found a bit north around the pearl farm on sand patches

If you head north to Cape Peron there is good bottom about 1nm due north of the point and due east about 1 nm, just sound around. 

Look for where two channels meet up for better results down towards Faure Island

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thanks heaps guys! much

Wed, 2022-03-16 09:12

thanks heaps guys! much appreciated!. looks like ill be bringing the crab cooker!!