Lures for Warroora

I'm taking the kids up to Warroora in April - any suggestions for the best lures to use casting off the beach?  And the best lures for trolling for mackerel? 

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 100-180mm halco divers for

Mon, 2023-02-20 09:54

 100-180mm halco divers for Mackies and yellowfin.

Off the beach or in shallow we had no luck but i would suggest a chunk of bait on a 5/0 hook. 

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Halco laser pros or any other

Mon, 2023-02-20 10:40

Halco laser pros or any other diving lures for Mackerel. I reckon purple seems to be a pretty effective colour. 

Gold halco twisties off the beach dont hurt the wallet too much and are effective for trevally and queenies and the like. I typically fish fresh bait off the beaches with 40-50lb leader with a small running sinker for spangoes and the like but apparently gold rooster poppers are pretty effective on spangoes also.... not that I've had any luck with them!!

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Metal slices are perfect for

Mon, 2023-02-20 10:44

Metal slices are perfect for shore casting, grab a few sizes, sometimes the smaller slices outwork their larger brothers.

I would think Warra would finish better at night from shore if where you are is shallow, as Swompa said try some bait.

I really like having a few laser pro's in varying depths and colours, good all rounders for trolling.

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Metal slices

Thu, 2023-02-23 16:03


I lucked into a school of mackies from shore at Wooroora last time I was there, a 40g chrome metal slice was perfect and caught a few.


Apart from that your standard salted mulie on a circle hook and a 1oz sinker accounted for a couple of other fish from shore.  Good luck. 

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 Thanks for the help. Seems

Thu, 2023-02-23 21:10

 Thanks for the help. Seems like the Halco laser pros and metal slices are the go. Plus some cubed mulie from shore. I will see how we go 

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 Chunks of squid were the

Fri, 2023-02-24 07:18

 Chunks of squid were the best bait for us off Ningaloo. 

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Fri, 2023-02-24 09:46

 Not sure of locations specifically at Warroora, but if you can get out on any reefs/rock pools at low tide with a gidgy, you'll likely find occys. This is my go to for bait up here in Exmouth and good fun for the kids. Skinned occy legs seem to do the trick on most species and survive the pickers!