Licence fees fund recreational fishing initiatives


Wed 14 December, 2011

Licence fees fund recreational fishing initiatives

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  • Funding initiatives reviewed by newly established advisory body
  • Community and stakeholders groups can apply for funding for initiatives
New community driven initiatives, projects and research that will enhance recreational fishing in Western Australia will be boosted with more than $1million in funding.

Fisheries Minister Norman Moore today announced that the funding had been made available through the Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence, introduced last year and fees from other licence categories.

“The take up of around 110,000 Recreational Fishing from Boat Licences indicates that fishers are willing to pay the fees, knowing the funds raised will go into better management and enhancing the recreational fishing experience in WA,” Mr Moore said.

“The new initiatives, like habitat enhancement projects such as artificial reefs, plus stock enhancement opportunities, improved recreational data collection and ideas to develop the socio-economic benefits of recreational fishing, are all possible options for funding consideration.”

The Minister said a new advisory board, the Recreational Fishing Account Advisory Board (RFAAB), had been established by Recfishwest to provide guidance and recommendations about initiatives to be funded.

“The set up of this body shows the sector’s involvement is ensuring greater measures to keep the State’s fisheries sustainable and make sure the recreational fishing experience remains vibrant into the future,” he said.

Mr Craig Leatt-Hayter has been appointed as the independent chair of the advisory body, which will also include four community representatives, as well as the Chairman of Recfishwest and observers representing the Recfishwest CEO and Director General of the Department of Fisheries.

“The advisory board is now faced with the challenge of developing a business plan around the use of initiatives funding and providing advice on priorities for expenditure and recommended projects,” Mr Moore said.

“Community and stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to put forward new initiatives for funding consideration. The important thing is that recreational fishing will benefit from a better focus on the ways to improve this popular Western Australian pastime.”
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 Sweet, More prize money for

Wed, 2011-12-14 11:34

 Sweet, More prize money for bream tournaments. 

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Willing ........???

Wed, 2011-12-14 11:45

Interesting choice of words

“The take up of around 110,000 Recreational Fishing from Boat Licences indicates that fishers are willing to pay the fees ..."

More like they paid because they had no other option if they wanted to go fishing I would have thought.




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My thoughts exactly Alan.

Wed, 2011-12-14 13:51

My thoughts exactly Alan.  Next will be beach fishos and they can get the same value for money that we get out of it.....