Jigging hookup rates

 Righto guys need some help from all the jiggers out there . Have dropped the bait for nearly a year now and have been having pretty good success in finding them or inticing them to bite but have been having the worst luck in landing them !! This is starting to get beyond a joke ! I somehow mange to pull the hooks somewhere between initial hookup and say 10m off the bottom. Some of the fish have been very respectable taking good drag on quality overhead outfits . 
So my question, do any of you guys have a preference for hook types or sizes ? Do you upgrade them ? Bigger ? Singles ? Twins ? I've been sticking with the assist's sold with the jigs ( quality jigs in all the popular brands ) thinking they should be matched .

I have also noticed that some tend to tangle ( more so the smaller twins )  either above the jig on the leader or around the jig body .

Is this unusual hookup rate normal for jigging as the fish tend to swipe at the jig out of aggression and may tend to get jagged or am I doing something wrong?? 
Cheers for any tips  Carl ..

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Getting Jiggy

Thu, 2023-10-19 18:28


I'll stop the crickets from chirping for ya!!


I use quality Japanese twins. Shout, Oceans Legacy, XESTA etc. I have never fished a jig that came with hooks.


Size, depends what your are chasing - but I am loaded up with 3.0 and 4.0 in UV and glow sparklies. Now and then I'll dress it up with a harbor squid in glow, UV or pink or whatever is working. 


You will pull small hooks.

As for hookup rate - If I've ever dropped a fish (usually up North and going hard bc sharks), I drop the jig straight back down and hardly fail to catch it, or it's mate on the drop.

If they are taking too much drag they can shake the jig. 


Good luck, stick with it!