Jetski fisho from NZ considering a move to WA

As per my post in the main discussion forum, I'm a jet ski fisho from NZ considering a move to WA. I have a jetski-specific question. I've read about the 5nm rule for vessels under 3.75metres. Here in NZ, I regularly fish 15nm offshore and occasionally much further when sea conditions are right. Does 5nm give you enough scope to get on to the fish or do you feel your hands are tied? Do you think this rule will change any time soon?

Also, WA is a windy part of the world. I know all too well how wet a ski can be in less than ideal conditions. How do you guys get on? Do you find that the number of days you can get out is seriously limited?

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  Yes we are restricted here

Tue, 2017-04-11 17:21

  Yes we are restricted here in WA because of the 3.75m ruling. We have to carry all the safety gear (which I don't have a problem with).  A kayak can( an do) legally paddle out greater distance than the Jetski.

I'm out two/three times a week all year. You can normally get out for a few hours before the seabreeze comes. I wear Sharkskin long pants, not just for the wet but for sun protection,as well as long sleeve shirt under the lifejacket.

It's the swell that you have to watch,as I learn't the hard way two years ago. Got caught out behind the Island and hit a wave hard,end result smashed the bones in my foot!  But I'm still out there enjoying the experience.

Get in touch if you do decide to move over.



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 Where abouts in WA? Up here

Tue, 2017-04-11 19:29

 Where abouts in WA? Up here in karratha (3 quarters of thevway up north) a lot of spearos take their jet skis out fairly wide, but there are a lot of islands around here so even if the weather goes bad, theres shelter around to hide behind 

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Moking - thanks for the

Thu, 2017-04-13 06:47

Moking - thanks for the reply. I carry every bit of safety equipment that is reasonable to carry on a ski already, so that doesn't worry me. VHF/PFD/PLB/jump starter/flare/GPS etc. Good to hear that you get out regularly, that encourages me. If we come out, I'll be looking for some like-minded fishos to go out with.

Maddog - we're thinking within an hour of Perth in either direction, but happy to consider other places. We did a road trip in 2012 and got as far as Albany, loved it all to be honest. Northern WA also appeals to me from a fishing point of view, but that would depend on jobs, and persuading the Mrs