hydrofoil or trim tabs on chivers sportsfisherman

 just after anyone with some feed back or experience with a hydrofoil or trim tabs on a chivers sportsfisherman. i'm a big fan of my boat after owning it for a couple of summers now and i'd like to add a few things to it as i plan to have the boat for some time at this stage.

It sits back heavy at low speed and leans to the left when up on the plan at at higher knots. I have been contemplating a hydrofoil or tabs to help how the boats sits at lower knots and then when underway. it seems to travel fine with a following sea (although i generally just slow down and drive to conditions). so just after some live experience as i'm sure there are plenty of these old girls around and plenty of people had done their fair share of time in them over the years. 

also does anyone have any idea what the small sealed compartment under the helm on the floor is for. i have seen it on most of these boats and can't seem to get an answer of what it's for. 

cheers herbs  

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Thu, 2021-01-14 14:34

You will be rectifying a bad fit of the pod ,boat was design to have a inboard motor and the weight shift (to outboard) was not compensated within the construction of the pod.
Trim Tabs would be a better fit than hydrofoil .
New /better design of the pod would be better even more .
Get rid of that what appears to be a extra long leg.



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SE 300 sport foil

Fri, 2021-01-15 07:01

Give it a go you'll be pleasantly surprised. I had a pod on my old boat and had the same issues ( no left tilting though ). Fitted a foil in about half an hour and Robert is your fathers brother, problem solved. In saying that fitting a pod to a boat successfully is a bit of black magic in my books. From the looks of yours it seems to be lacking in the buoyancy department when not on the plane.another thing to consider is every foot you go back from the transom you need to lift your donk up by an inch. Fitting a foil will be the cheapest way to get results. Let me know how you go. 


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 thanks for the feed back. i

Fri, 2021-01-15 08:22

 thanks for the feed back. i agree about the pod although i'm no expert. the boat came from chivers with this pod on it, they produced a bunch with the pods so they never had a hole cut in the transom. a better pod is maybe something i will look at down the track. i've teed up a se 300 sport. can't hurt to give it a try i guess 

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Fri, 2021-01-15 08:25