Honda 50 4st - been sat for year wont start - mechanic recommendations?

hi all
i picked up a 2007 honda 4st recently which has been sat for about a year - wont start on fresh fuel - fuel is coming out of the fuel pump but i dont think it is getting to the carbs (when i took out the drain screws on the bowls only a dribble of fuel came out)
The motor turns over and starts up straight away if i spray aerostart into the intake (but wont run on after i stop spraying) - have sprayed carbies with carby clean but to no avail - only thing i have not tried is carb clean down the fuel inlet pipe into carbs -

thinking it may be better to get a mechanic to clean/rebuild carbs - any recommendations?

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Carb clean

Mon, 2023-10-02 19:21

I've done a few Honda 50's and they have very small pilot jets , if it's been sitting for a while chances are the fuel has gone off and evaporated and left varnish and other deposits behind . You'll have to strip the carbs and ultra sonic clean them . Only way to properly clean them out . 

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ahh thanks mate - i pulled

Mon, 2023-10-02 19:25

ahh thanks mate - i pulled them off and cleaned them out with carby clean today ala youtube vid - good news, she starts and runs sweet - bad news, fuel now running out of overflow tubes :-(
- assume that means the float seals need replacing?

is this work you do for $$ or just have done for your own motors? - if the former shoot me a pm and we will see if we can tee something up (if suits)

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 Sounds like either the float

Tue, 2023-10-03 07:29

 Sounds like either the float level is set incorrectly or the float may be hung up/jammed, not allowing the needle to close when the fuel bowl is full. Alternatively the needle may be damaged from sitting dry for a long period & no longer sealing. Remove the carb, remove the fuel bowl, slowly lift the float while blowing through the fuel intake port on the carb, it should close as the float reaches close to its highest point. If the needle seals, then adjust the float down so it closes earlier. If it doesnt seal, replace the needle.

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thanks mate - float is free

Tue, 2023-10-03 08:51

thanks mate - float is free so will try the needle test you outlined - thanks