Half-way through the ban yay!

 How is everybody going with ban so far?   (Wife says im usually a grumpy old bastard at around halfway through ban but this year she reckons ive been pretty good). Looking forward to getting into boat to have it ready for 16 December. No doubt others on here will start doing the same. Just wondering has there been any mention of when and how the new extended ban is set to be introduced ?  cheers

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 $64 question, it could be

Wed, 2022-11-16 11:19

 $64 question, it could be tacked onto the end of this one. if that's the case then that's my yearly fishing f%^ked. Crabs, Whiting and Herring for me....


Love the West!

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Andy, can give you some gummy spots

Wed, 2022-11-16 13:05

 Still plenty around though last year they dropped off quickly when December rolled around......??? Warmer water temps perhaps 

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 Thanks Gordon, that would be

Wed, 2022-11-16 13:53

 Thanks Gordon, that would be very much appreciated. 

I'm going to need a fishing fix after the mega hours I've been working, almost washed out. 


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Pm sent

Wed, 2022-11-16 20:02

Trust they help  

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Hopefully they dont do that

Wed, 2022-11-16 11:31

 Im quietly hoping that if they were going to tack the extended ban on from 15 December then we probably would have heard by now.  

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Getting by with a few dives

Wed, 2022-11-16 11:51

Getting by with a few dives and a squid...Merc is playing up atm which is a pain in the ass.

fingers crossed no changes until into the new year.

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 Picking up my new /old rig

Wed, 2022-11-16 12:03

 Picking up my new /old rig Saturday and will spend the rest of the ban prepping it for some open season demersals. I've been too busy to think about fishing lately.


 Hi my name is rob............. and I'm a........... fishaholic

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Big calm before storm

Wed, 2022-11-16 20:39

. Time will tell

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Well after looking out for a

Wed, 2022-11-16 20:50

Well after looking out for a 5.8-6.1 plate Ali over the past couple years me and my bro finally conceded defeat and have been hunting around for a decent tinny to fill the gap. Picked up a 4.2 dory wide body which we're pretty happy with. Should do nicely over summer and while we wait out these demersal bans and bloody covid tax! Will be getting it up to speed and possibly even ready to put some pots in. 

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 Bugger! I have a 520 genesis

Fri, 2022-11-18 08:42

 Bugger! I have a 520 genesis that will be up for grabs in the very near future.dory's good tub,very versatile 

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 I have a 4.1 (thought it was

Fri, 2022-11-18 08:52

 I have a 4.1 (thought it was a 4.2 but lost 100mm when i checked the details). Great boat. 

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Fri, 2022-11-18 06:35



Dear Andrew,

Last night, Recfishwest Board members and I met with Fisheries Minister Don Punch at Parliament House to have further talks on the west coast demersal scalefish issue.

We had a frank and respectful discussion with the Minister on all aspects of achieving a more balanced management approach.

By the end of the meeting, the Minister was left in no doubt about Recfishwest’s position and preferred alternative approaches that were developed in close consultation with our Expert Working Group

The Minister heard the message clearly that the recreational fishing community supports sustainability of these species and is willing to take action, including a new closure during the peak dhufish spawning period, to assist in a faster recovery of these critical fish stocks.
However, the Board strongly reiterated our position that the range of measures we have put forward can deliver this outcome, while balancing the opportunity for people to spend time on the water with their families and friends.
At the end of the conversation, the Minister assured us that no decision has yet been made on the final management package.

We know how much this means to many of you and we will continue to keep you up to speed with all developments as they happen.

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout this challenging period – we will continue to push hard for an outcome that puts the fish first and delivers a fair go for recfishers.

Dr Andrew Rowland
Recfishwest CEO


I guess some of you would have seen this, fingers crossed something sensible comes about.


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 Cheers for sharing your info

Fri, 2022-11-18 08:44

 Cheers for sharing your info sea kem

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Demersal ban

Fri, 2022-11-18 13:12

 I actually emailed the department

asking when the current ban will end.

Just for giggles. Reply was as follows:

Good morning x


With public consultation on the proposed management packages now complete, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has been working with Recfishwest, Marine Tourism WA and the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council on the outcomes of consultation and management packages that meet the necessary level of stock recovery.


The Minister for Fisheries will consider the outcomes of consultation and announce the final management packages, with implementation to commence over the summer of 2022/23.


This announcement will include any potential demersal closure dates for recreational fishers in the West Coast Bioregion.


Kind regards


West Coast Demersal Scalefish Resource Team

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Bans been great, been having

Sat, 2022-11-19 06:24

Bans been great, been having a good time on the yellowtail kings, some good bags of kgw from the sound, some really solid tailor nudging 60cm out of the whitewater, chuck them straight on a hook and getting stuck into some monster sambos, trying some new areas for squid and cracked the flatty PB. Been a bit quiet on the tuna front but should improve soon with the increasing water temp. Digital gauge from the motor has just started beeping letting me know the 100hr service is up, for the second time this year 


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 Meanwhile my boat sits in

Sat, 2022-11-19 06:29

 Meanwhile my boat sits in the shed surrounded by crap while I do major renno's on the house 


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