Got done by fisheries

 Deckie got done by the fisheries yesterday for an expired rfbl . Stupid I know I should've got him too check before we went out but shit happens. One dhuie confiscated and fine in the mail apperantly 


1 fisheries couldn't tell us what the fine is. So if anyone knows the approximate couldn't find anything definite online


2 as me the skipper can it come back on me in anyway .obviously they took his personal details and my boat rego n that but not my personal details 

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 Sadly you will wear the

Mon, 2023-01-23 10:19

 Sadly you will wear the fine.  Its your responsibility as a skipper to make sure rules are followed

. Unlicensed fishers can fish if at least one person on board has an RFBL, provided the total catch of everyone on board stays within the bag limit of the one or more licensed boat fishers. It is the master of the boat's responsibility to ensure this rule is followed.

Note: This only applies to the RFBL and not to other fishing licences.

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not necessarily. about 2

Tue, 2023-01-24 06:50

not necessarily. about 2 months ago me and a mate went out and we got our bag of 4 fish. when we pulled up at the boat ramp fisheries were straight onto us asking to have a look at our catch. i said just wait till the boat is on the trailer and have a look in deriggiing area. once the boat was on the trailer and we were out of the way from the ramp fisheries jumped up on the boat and had a look at our catch.

i was chucking all the rubbish in the bin when one of the fisheries guys came walking up to me with the pink snapper that was in esky. the pink snapper that my mate caught did the old shrink trick in the ice slurry. as i was the skipper of the boat they approached me, and started asking about the undersize snapper. i basically told them in a joking way dont come at me go and see the guy who caught it which was my mate. i told them he is 49 years old so there is no need for me to supervise him. we had a bit of laugh about throwing my mate under the bus but they went and approached him, while i went about my business. 

fisheries ended up giving him a warning but then asked to see our RFBL. i produced mine and my mate said he didnt have his on him. later that night my mate started thinking when was the last time he paid it so he rang his missus to see if she knew. it ended up he didnt have one but paid it that night. a few weeks later he got a fine for no RFBL and nothing happened to me even though it was my boat and i was the skipper. i cant remember what the damage was but it wasnt excessive from memory.   


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Mon, 2023-01-23 10:33

a mate has had a similar fine, quite a few years ago after a DHI trip, and was 1 coral trout over our limit (we had been out for 3 days, but are only allowed 2 days catch when not filleting). 4 people on board, 8 trout allowed, 9 trout in the esky). 


Fisheries asked who wanted to recieve the fine. we all agreed to chip in and pay, and one mate took the hit. it was $200 from memory, and the infringemnet was "1 x category 1 demersal fish over limit".

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 Probably going to come back

Mon, 2023-01-23 10:49

 Probably going to come back to you unfortunately.

But not necessarily because you were skipper.

Because you had the valid licence ironically.

I remember the case in exmouth of the bloke who met some lads and was invited to fish with them.

When they returned, it turned out ONLY he had a valid licence and got severely pantsed.

Personally I would have fought that to say you as a passenger have no legal power to instruct the master to stop fishing, therefore cant be held responsible.

Similar if say you had an 8yr old on board with the only valid licence=who would be fined?


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The current legislation

Mon, 2023-01-23 10:54

From my understanding, you can both be fined.

Under the current legislation, a penalty of $2,000 for fishing without a RFBL and likewise $2,000 as master of the boat.

I do not know whether those fines/penalties are maximums (they seem much higher than I would expect) but they are the only numbers listed in the legislation document.

You may wish to consider getting your stories straight with a narrative that your deckie wrongly informed you that he had a current RFBL ... I assume that is what happened.

You can see the current laws for RFBL's on page 153 of the following document;$FILE/Fish%20Resources%20Management%20Regulations%201995%20-%20%5B14-m0-01%5D.pdf



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 I got a written warning once

Mon, 2023-01-23 12:03

 I got a written warning once by them about 20 years ago for a setose and a unclipped cray got given a card it had warning then $50 $100 $200 $400 than court don't know if it still works the same. If it was a genuine mistake plead your case there and than as its at the officer's discretion the I'm just doing my job line is what they will tell you as their being floggs handing out huge fines for the slightest breaches of the rules it's supposed to be about protecting fish stocks not revenue raising and wrecking people financially 

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Mon, 2023-01-23 13:52

I doubt it will come back on you if they didn't take your details, just because it was your boat doesn't mean you were onboard.  


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Always bites skipper

Tue, 2023-01-24 20:11

Your responsible for crew , many been done in this way . Honest mistake . Be interesting

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Wed, 2023-01-25 18:46

 Fine maximum they can fine you on first offence


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I always thought fine

Wed, 2023-01-25 22:04

Comes with cost of fish / crustaceans/ ect , hence why crab fines are so low . Marron fines real high . Same as abalone high high

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As far as cost of fish goes I

Thu, 2023-01-26 12:47

As far as cost of fish goes I think it was 10 x the market value on top of fine


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