"Glassoff" Nearshore Pink

A quick afternoon/night trip out of Hillarys with Tony.  It was a “glassoff”, which in my experience never fishes that well.

Generally slow, but one good 68cm fish and a number of others in the 30-45cm size class. 


There were schools of blue mackerel taking baits around the boat, which we didn’t target.  The constantly changing wind and current conditions were not ideal and when Tony got a “bottom feeder” we called it a day.


Not a lot of fish, but an enjoyable afternoon in “unbelievable” conditions.


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 Good catches and great

Thu, 2022-06-02 09:30

 Good catches and great conditions 


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We were in 85m around 40km WNW of two rocks

Thu, 2022-06-02 10:01

 yesterday and the conditions were the same. Total glass off in the afternoon with hardly any drift. Fish were on bigtime, caught dhuies, baldies, breaksea cod, lots of pinkies (just undersize) and the biggest flat head ive ever seen awesome day!  lots of whales around as well so be careful when your motoring along out there fellas  cheers dave