geraldton newbie

hello all
i just moved up to geraldton a few weeks ago, been out a few times with no luck.
can anyone give me any pointers where to go,
also whats the go with abrolhos islands,are they hard to get to,boat is guardian 20 footer

Deckie always welcome too (as long as you can tell me where the fish are   )


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Hey Davey .. go and ask

Wed, 2007-09-26 18:26

Hey Davey ..
go and ask graham at ranger camping for a marine map and look that over .... place like mid reef (half way to abrolhos) and the coral lumps are a good place to start out ... pensioners bank is also not bad for a fish (more smaller fish) ... try cruising toward greenough as there is heaps of reef out there ...
the best thing you could probably do in invest in a good sounder and just hunt around south of town..
pick ya days to go to the islands and take heaps of fuel as it can get very windy very quick ... and you use twice the fuel in rough weather . 

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Wed, 2007-09-26 18:56

thanks for that feral
it looks like a shopping trip to ranger is the go  


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sIck FULLy!

Wed, 2007-09-26 19:40

hows it going bloke i quite often find my way to geraldton just 20-30 mins from walk away is a place the s bend caravan park go 3 kms down a gravel track heading for the the water. there you will find the coral lumps as they have been called i think there you will find taylor mulloway wobbys pike hering and other various fish best time dawn & dusk also (popers) go off for taylor early in the morning if not standar mullies are the go

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