G'day everyone

My first post here so I thought I'd better say hello

Live in Broome and Fish in and around the bay with a bit of offshore if the weather suits

Once a year trip to Wyndham for 3 -6 weeks looking for the big girls in and around the five rivers.

Currently speaking to a wonderful young man from Genesis Craft by the name of Matt who believes he will be able to help me spend my money, such a nice chap ;)

Never actually owned a boat before though I am a fair deckie so have been in and around them most of my life :)

I'm looking at the Genesis Craft 580 Islander with a fair bit of fruit subject to having my wallet confiscated!

I have checked around and there aren't many of these things for sale second hand and those that are present pretty bloody well so I'm assuming they get a lot of love from their owners?

Anyway looking forward to the whole process tbh and will let you all know how I get on


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Welcome to the sites. So many

Tue, 2024-06-11 12:01

Welcome to the sites. So many different boats to chose from these days and for a good one you gotta pay good coin. Sounds like you know what you want.


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Tue, 2024-06-11 18:48

 Welcome mate. Watching the Genesis craft on YouTube with ybs, seems like they have got all the bases covered these days.


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Hey Gobarg

Tue, 2024-06-11 19:33

Welcome to the site! I'll be back up in Broome the start of August doing a house sit for 4 months for a mate.

What kind of fishing you into? 


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 We fish for a few different

Wed, 2024-06-12 04:06

 We fish for a few different species depending on the time of year

threadfin, Barra, all the snappers and emperors plus a bit of trolling for Mackie.

the big trip of every year though is the month spent in Wyndham trying to get the big girls!

the reality is I enjoy being on the water as much as the fishing so I'll fish for anything 

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 Hey mate good choice,after

Tue, 2024-06-11 22:04

 Hey mate good choice,after almost 2 years have just completed the process 7 weeks ago


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 TWO YEARS!yikes! I hope I

Wed, 2024-06-12 04:07


yikes! I hope I live that long

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 Yeah mate but there were

Wed, 2024-06-12 09:40

 Yeah mate but there were over 50 orders in front of ours due to Covid/supply issues.The actual build was a about 4 months but was started November so copped all the Chrissy and public holidays aswell.It's kind of addictive,wouldn't mind doing it again one day 

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 That makes me feel a little

Wed, 2024-06-12 11:53

 That makes me feel a little better

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 Its worth the wait

Wed, 2024-06-12 12:18

 Its worth the wait mate,first 1 I've had built but second genesis I've owned.Awesome crew to work and deal with but hit us up for for info if you like as there's a shit load of thought you can put into a full custom 

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 Thanks matestill in the

Thu, 2024-06-13 14:34

 Thanks mate

still in the early stages but will certainly be seeking as much helps as I can

i might have been in,on and around boats most of my life but I still know bugger all

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 Welcome to the site mate and

Wed, 2024-06-12 11:24

 Welcome to the site mate and you'll enjoy the banter! There will be plenty on here keen to see the new rig when you get it!


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Welcome to the sitemate

Thu, 2024-06-13 06:31

 Good info on here and if you cant find it in search you just ask.



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 Cheers everyone. if anyone

Thu, 2024-06-13 07:00

 Cheers everyone. 
if anyone else has a Genesis Craft I'd love to hear their thoughts 

I haven't heard a bad word and I have been searching around

have a great day 

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 We had two site visits while

Thu, 2024-06-13 12:27

 We had two site visits while developing our plans and I couldnt fault what they do. Certainly cop a bit of 'Genesis tax' but what you get delivered is exceptional as opposed to another well known brand that seems to spend a lot of time on perfecting the vinyl wrap to cover the shitty welding. 

From their catalogue, there are so many different things you can do with their build and they are more than happy to customise, it just ended up out of our price range to get what we want.


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 This will be the one and

Thu, 2024-06-13 16:55

 This will be the one and only boat I ever own

I have had cancer way too many times to think I have a long life ahead (7 so far

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No point sitting at home

Fri, 2024-06-14 13:13

No point sitting at home watching the world go by and letting everyone else have the fun. 

Good on ya mate! Best of luck with the boat and with kicking C's arse!

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 in short mate, have a 6.4m

Thu, 2024-06-13 17:04

 in short mate, have a 6.4m Gensis (built before Matt took over but know him and he was a welder from memory at the time I built).

has helped me subsequently with a few tidy ups.

not the cheapest out there but cracking boats and good guys!

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Thu, 2024-06-13 17:37

 Good to hear your experience was a positive one

Matt sounds like a character who loves a laugh and a chat so it all points to a hopefully successful outcome.