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Hi all, 

I've been thinking of getting a fishing yak to fish the sheltered waters on the inside of the reef on the west side here in Exmouth and also in the Gulf. 

No experience whatsoever with kayak fishing but somebody is flogging off a brand new one of these kayaks2fish NextGen 10 MK2 up here for what seems cheap. 

Any advice or knowledge if this is a good/bad starting point? I certainly won't be taking it too seriously and just something to play around on more than anything. 

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I haven't got experience with

Fri, 2023-01-27 12:15

I haven't got experience with the mentioned kayak, but if you want if for fishing off you can't go past a pedal kayak. The pedals are worth the extra cost on a windy day when you want to hold position on a spot and cast at the same time. Down fall is the extra cost.


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