First Victim to the New Minn Kota’s Troll Track

I have posted many times in the past about the effectiveness of the Minn Kota, particularly the spot lock feature.  Unfortunately I wore my old one out (must have done a thousand hours +) and have had to use conventional anchors for far too long.  Happily, a mate had a near new Minn that didn’t work on his boat that I could purchase for a reasonable price.

The model is the Riptide Terrova 12v 55lb with a 60” shaft and lift assist.  This model is Minn Kota’s “ocean” version and includes spot lock, iTrack, cruise control and advanced auto pilot.  A much more robust model that the pre-2017 ones, and it has been good to test it properly and try out the upgraded functions in preparation for Autumn.

Headed out recently with Steve and Johno for one of those quick smash and grabs as the wind changes between strong easterly to strong south westerly.  It was a good chance to try the troll track in deeper water by using a controlled drift at a pre-selected speed.  It worked well, and nice to be able to “drift” with a 4oz sinker.

We got fish, with the highlight being Steve’s dhu on the Bottom Meat with a squid mulie combo.  A good quality nearshore fish in excellent condition.

When I had a look at the photo, the plotter trails showed how closely the actual troll track followed the recorded one.  Don’t need much more evidence than this to see how well it works.

Looking forward to the next trip when time and weather allow.


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Good fish and congrats on the

Wed, 2022-01-19 16:22

Good fish and congrats on the new addition to the boat. Those leccies really change boat fishing for the better.


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 No more getting tangled

Wed, 2022-01-19 17:33

 No more getting tangled around the sea anchor rope.  Well done would feel the bite so.much better using the lighter sinker


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20 years

Thu, 2022-01-20 07:33

 Been using them for 20 years on various boats.

Have been through about 5 of them. Kota's and Watersnakes.

They need to make a decent model for bigger boats.

And they need to make them last better (especially the Kota's)