Exmouth disappointment

 Just got back from 2 weeks in Exmouth . First time I've been there in late November as I go every year in March at Gamex time . 
the plan was to fish for Marlin out from Tantabiddi and hopefully chase sails in the gulf if they were still there .
first day there we drove to tantabiddi all excited at the days prospects. Dissapointed to find the ramp is un usable due to sand build up . It was mid tide and you could have got the boat off the trailer but the end of the jetty had hardly any water . Not good with a 22foot deep V inboard glass boat . A 15 foot boat was trying to launch and he bottomed out and did a prop in the attempt . 
I know the ramp is dredged for gamex but it didn't even occur to us that there would be no water there and our hopes were dashed .
We did all our launching at bundegi or Exmouth marina and I've never seen the water so lifeless . No bird action , no tuna bustups and very few fish on any of the gulf shoals or muirons . All in all a fishless trip apart from one striped Marlin and a couple of wahoo in 70mtrs out from north west reef .Still had good time and the beer was cold but more fish would have made the trip . Heading back in April so hopefully the ramp is usable . 

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Sorry to hear

Tue, 2023-12-05 16:24

 Sorry to hear the trip didnt go well mate.... My last trip to Exxy about 4 years ago was pretty much identical. Had been going there for around 5 years before that and over time it was getting worse and worse so it made us go to different places.

Ive never caught a wahoo and we head up to South Lefroy in March this year. Did you get them on Skirts or lures?

Appreciate it mate


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Hey Piggy

Tue, 2023-12-05 19:30

Got them on skirts . I've been going to Exmouth for the past 30 years chasing billfish and have always got wahoo as a bycatch . They taste great and fight well even on heavy gear 

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 Sorry to hear it didn't go

Tue, 2023-12-05 17:47

 Sorry to hear it didn't go as planned mate, did you do any bottom bouncing?


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A little bit

Tue, 2023-12-05 19:37

Did a little bit but not much brag about . Seems even when fish were showing on sounder they didn't bite .  

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 Same shit north of perth....

Tue, 2023-12-05 18:17

 Same shit north of perth.... substandard every where but we still pay rego and fishing fees. Broome will never see any facilities either in my lifetime and Exmouth is no different.

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 An advantage of that is less

Tue, 2023-12-05 19:00

 An advantage of that is less of us come. Be careful what you wish for 


 rather be fishing

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Wed, 2023-12-06 07:13

I am the Engineer at the Shire of Exmouth and we are currently trying to obtain approvals to undertake excavation at the end of the jetties. The ramp and jetties are to be maintained by the Shire although it is located in the Ningaloo Marine Park. Beyond the end of the Jetties, the channel is the responsibility of DoT. No rego or fees go towards any of this infrastructure, although when the new ramp/marina is built just to the south, it will all be taken over by DoT. 

As the ramp is located in the Marine Park, we have to obtain excavation approvals through DBCA and Turtle nesting season doesn't align well for them with excavators/loaders and dump trucks working on the beach. There is also a registered "Midden" site at the mouth of the Tantabiddi Creek which we need approval from Traditional Owners to work in proximity to. They are currently preparing a heritage agreement for the Shire for us to progress works.

It is now weeks/months of environmental management plans and approvals for a task that is likely to take 1-2 days. The sand build-up beyond the immediate ramp/jetty area is excessive also, but then falls in to DoT remit. It doesn't sound like they have any plans to undertake a more extensive dredging campaign so whatever we do eventually excavate from around the ramp/jetty is likely to just be inundated again in a very short period with the persistent SW winds this time of year. 

It's painful!


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 Cheers for the input! always

Wed, 2023-12-06 12:23

 Cheers for the input! always good to know whats happening

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We are currently pushing for

Wed, 2023-12-06 12:33

We are currently pushing for ongoing approvals that allow us to undertake excavations as and when needed without going through a drawn out process each time. I've only been here just over a year and it sounds as though these approval processes have only become as pedantic as they are in recent years.... Historically, similar to a lot of things, I think they just chucked the machines on the beach and undertook the work whenever it was required however there is a lot of legislation now that doesn't allow us to do that!

I agree that perhaps a condition status on the Shires webpage or something similar may have some value but hopefully this will be a thing of the past shortly!  

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Thank you

Wed, 2023-12-06 07:49

Thanks for taking the time to explaine the tantabiddi ramp situation . Sounds like a nightmare of red tape and multiple parties involved in getting things done .

frustrating that there is no where that condition of the ramp is posted - that I know of - so that people like me can make an informed decision before traveling long distances only to be disappointed. 
but I suppose that wouldn't help bring in the tourist dollars associated with fishing and boating .