ET and Ifish

Did anyone catch these fishing shows today? Personally I'm starting to think a little less of Lee and Paul's antics when out on the water. The ET episode was absolutely unbelievable thou and landing barra like that in those numbers is one red letter day, was magical to watch! Hope you guys saw the ET show, was top viewing.


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Sat, 2006-10-14 17:40

Yeah that ET barra session on the South Alligator river today was AWESOME.

Big angry fish, tight surroundings, all on lures.

Even the guide was pumped!



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We don't get ET here

Sat, 2006-10-14 17:51

We don't get ET here anymore. We used to but I think it was replaced with IFish. I missed todays show unfortunately, usually watch it religiously but lost track of time this afternoon.

Why are you starting to think less of Lee and Paul, Adam?

Did you see the show where Hal hurried the guys up getting the YFT back into the water? Dunno if it was staged but they sure do keep the fish out for a while.

Apart from that I enjoy the action on IFish, it usually get's my adrenaline pumping sitting at home in my armchair - no boring bits, pure sportfishing.
I particularly enjoy the tackle rat segment as it is usually quite informative and showcases many new products. Would like to see Daiwa gear used but hey, that's what sponsorship is all about.

Jay Burgess