Emblem Pro upgrade?

Used it for the first time on the weekend chucking poppers. A great reel for casting, however after a few hours my only issue is with the handle. My question is... is there an upgrade handle available similiar to saltist 4500 saltiga reels????

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honsu or shizz

Tue, 2006-10-31 20:33

this is a question 4 you guys!!

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Thought U got the answer??

Tue, 2006-10-31 20:51

Thought U got the answer?? lol

Nah I dont think there is but I can check out if the capricorn 4500J handle fits.....otherwise U can do a drill out job and rivet a new one in. What sort of handle do U prefer??

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Something similar in size to

Tue, 2006-10-31 20:55

Something similar in size to saltist 4500 if possible

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by the time you order a

Wed, 2006-11-01 08:33

by the time you order a saltiga handle it'll probably cost ya a fair bit more, just buy the new saltiga surf ;) Allthough its only 4.1, comes with the handle you like and is a whole lot tougher. But to answer your question i dont know, if i remember ill find out for ya. As honsu said the capricorn jig has a handle which may fit and is like a blasts/4500s handle.