Drone fishing

Have seen a rapid rise with drone fishing over social media lately.

Anyone on here thinking about getting into it ? or are already doing it ?

I use to own a Mavic Pro and loved it and from what I have seen on facebook it's pretty easy to drop a fair bit of coing setting yourself up.

I also wonder how ramped up the rangers will be in enforcing access to beaches and eventually no access due to greens crying over erosion etc etc ?

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 A mate built a pretty good

Thu, 2023-02-02 12:27


 A mate built a pretty good bait launcher on a tripod that works well on the beach.Can get out a good 300m with about 60psi up its arse.Only cost him a couple hundred bucks and a day in the shed 

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I bought a second hand

Thu, 2023-02-02 13:38

I bought a second hand Phantom 4 and attached a Skyclip to it. It works well, it's a spring release mechanism so if anything goes wrong (line wraps around rod tip, bail arm closes, gets caught on something) the line just unclips and the drone keeps flying. I've heard about people having issues with electronic releases not letting go and the line pulling the drone down out the sky.

You need to keep the distance between the drone and the sinker pretty long (3 meters or so) or else the sinker can swing around like crazy. The drone and the sinker get into a feedback loop where it just starts swinging faster and faster if the line is too short.


I've only caught stingrays on it so far, but I did manage to drop my mate onto a decent sized pinky. It's good at giving you some extra fishing options when you're at the beach outside the normal morning/afternoon tailor runs.


I think it's going to become more popular especially given the demersal ban no longer applies to land based fishing.

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Geez, Bodgy I would blow

Fri, 2023-02-03 07:53

Geez, Bodgy I would blow myself up with anything hand made lol, sounds like fun though and even deadlier after a beer or two haha.

Cheers Dtrain, good info mate and it will only get more and more popular.

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 I've been doing it for a few

Sun, 2023-02-05 07:59

 I've been doing it for a few years. Have a Mavic 2 Zoom with gannet electronic light sensor release. Never owned a boat so has transformed my fishing. Caught more pinky's this year than I can remember. Highly recommend, very enjoyable way to fish. Biggest advice would be to get good grapnel sinkers, only do it in very low or if fshore winds and use your brain in finding spots worth fishing. Also, get rod belts as pulling in stuff from 400m (sharks / rays / big snaps) is no joke especially if you do it 10-15 x a night haha. Happy to answer any further q's you have. There's also some good FB groups "Perth drone fishing" etc where you can get some insights 

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3-4 years back it was a rare

Fri, 2023-02-10 10:53

3-4 years back it was a rare sight to see a fisher using the drone. Last year one saturday when it had been forecast light winds, I drove through from near Wedge back to Lano mid morning. Of the 15 groups fishing I saw all were using drones. Its one aspect of fishing growing very fast.

I have been flying one for 2 years now and caught heaps of snapper, I have learnt a lot on places where they feed and when. Its really surprised me shallow they come in early morning, some of my drops can be in a meter of water depth. From the information the drones shown me I catch the pinkies out of the kayak regular now too. 

Some times of the year like now pinkies are everywhere in close, other times you need good spots or catch bugger all. It's like any aspect of fishing knowledge gains success, its not just go drop a bait 300m and hope something good grabs it.