Denham Sea Rescue


Spent a week in denham just after the fiesta giving the refurbed boat a run. Second day starter motor gave up the ghost when we tried to start to return from Useless Loop. After an hour trying to resuscitate it with the old knockometer and various other unsuccessful methods, had no choice but to give the sea rescue a buzz.  No problems, sent them our co- ords and 40 mins later there they were in their magnificent vessel.  Towed in at 18knots through a bit of slop beautifully. Dropped us at the ramp, gave us details of a bloke to hit up for a replacement starter motor next day and by mid morning we were back amongst it.  Brilliant service by a couple of legends all free (but dropped them a chunk of cash the next day before heading out).  Can't speak highly enough of the service thanks again lads. 

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 How good is that! Thats

Tue, 2024-06-11 12:45

 How good is that! Thats exactly what you want. 

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Tue, 2024-06-11 15:31

 Jamie would have found the bits for you straight off, top  bloke and good mechanic