Coral bay / exmouth end of September

 gday legends I managed to pick my self up a leeder 650 with 200hp optimax just in time before heading up to coral bay on the 26th of September was wondering if you guys have any insight on wjat the winds are usually like that time of year up there for 2 weeks and looking to do a few days up in exmouth aswell any info and tips would be awesome 


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CB late September

Sun, 2020-07-26 19:35

Hi Caza - I was up at CB at that time last year and the Southerly's were pretty constant.  We only had couple of days that was doable outside the reef.  That's not to say you will get that this year but the summer southely pattern usually kicks in around then.  If the southerly is in it is generally calmer in Exmouth. If you are getting strong winds in CB and can't get out wide you can usually still go squidding inside the reef either south or north of the Sanctuary zones - Pick any weedy patch.    Good Luck!

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Living up here

Mon, 2020-07-27 06:04

Any month with an R in it means wiiiindy season, that's why I windsurf over summer. You get the odd day where it's a little less windy. Exmouth would be better with the gulf to escape the breeze. 


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Some wind data maybe of interest

Mon, 2020-07-27 08:21

 Hi Caza


Although much further north along Ningaloo Reef, there are weather data available online from the Australian Institute of Marine Science weather station located near the Milyering Visitor Centre. Maybe not much use for predicting what's going to happen on your trip, but worth a look to see the general patterns. The whole set of records can be viewed here; , or just the wind direciton and speed records here;


The records data from 1998 onwards, but a few dropouts for short periods occasionally. You can select time periods of year,s or particular months if you want to have a look at just smaller time periods.





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 Thanks guys I thibk thats

Mon, 2020-07-27 16:15

 Thanks guys I thibk thats gonn be the plan if its a bit average in coral bay prob head up and muck around in the gulf and make the best of it fingers crossed over 2 weeks will sneak a few days in 


My names mark and i'm addicted to fishing