hi all thinking of doing a bit of  boating out wide at Cervantes 5th- 12th  of january just wondering if the winds will be strong to get out to the 60-70m mark around that time , any advice would  be appreciated 

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We do the same and weather dependent get out easy enough.

Mon, 2023-12-11 15:27

Launching can be a pain depending on the size of your boat. Particularly if there is a bit of swell. Got horribly bogged on the beach there a few years back. Was in winter with a 3-4m swell running though! Otherwise Jurien is not far up the road with a marina. As long as a mild easterly and a late-ish sea breeze it's all good. Cervantes fishing club does a few good public comps over the holidays. Some good prizes too. 

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If you were to do the difficult beach launch from cervantes and

Mon, 2023-12-11 16:40

head out to the 60-70m line west of cervantes it will be a 30km trip out. If you launch from the nice easy jurien bay ramp and head to the same spot  (60-70m line west of cervantes) the trip from jurien bay marina through south passage  is only 36km and then in the afternoon you would most likely be coming home with the wind and swells.  Just a thought. But if you specifically want to stay in cervantes for your trip well then no point leaving from jurien of course cheers hope the wind gods are kind to you for the trip

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Mon, 2023-12-11 17:01

 have beach launched at cervantes in the past /- mid march and have also felt the pain of getting stuck then calling on the locals to get me out with tractor but that was when i had a bigger boat , but not sure on the weather gods early january ,plan at the moment is staying at caravan park me driving with caravan the partner towing the boat . 

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Take trench mesh ( footing mesh)

Mon, 2023-12-11 19:00

As you back in get someone to place it down. Works every time. Easy to carry also.Thing is with Cervantes is the weed under the sand . Must be quick boat on straight out . End of March/April still the best time there .

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 You might get a day of

Tue, 2023-12-12 11:08


You might get a day of fishing with the wind if you get lucky. Last few years I haven't even taken the boat up over Christmas/New Year break, southerly has been howling..    



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Fri, 2023-12-15 21:44

 i used to have a caravan there for 16 years, until the bloody RAC kicked us all out. Hope you cab get a bank loan if you want to stay at their caravan park. the winds in januaray can be bad, strong wind from the south west come in by 9-10 oclock. the swell can rise quickly as well. The south passage is what the cray boats use but the north passage can be a bit dicey as well. so be careful and keep tuned in to the weather reports. There is good fihing back towards Grey near the seven footers some good dhuies in that area.

If you want a quick in and out jus go behind the reef line in the 10 fathom line, you can get snapper and baldchin there.


the 2 places we fished here the 7 mile and the 12 mile banks, if there is a Norterly current running (and it can be strong ) you want catch anything, all the fish go off the bite.



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 That northerly current - I

Sun, 2023-12-17 20:16

 That northerly current - I found out about it in May one year. Fishing 80m, the pot floats in that depth had their own wake!!