A bit slow off two rocks sunday

After sitting in a huge queue for nearly an hour to launch we got to our spots around 8.00 am WNW on direction bank in the 30 -40m marks. First drop in and got an undersize pinky straight away, we all thought great gonna be good day then after that nothing till 11am. Fish all over the sounder, nothing big biting. Went out to the 70 -80's and found some good coral. Got 3 big baldies,1 big breaksea, a queen snapper (put back) a few undersize pinkies and small nannygai, small flat head. Went dead so we came back in to 30- 40m zone for a couple of hours for nothing. Fish all over the sounder but no takers. So in the end came home with 4 keepers between the three of us. How did others go out off two rocks ? slow for you as well?

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Fished Saturday

Mon, 2021-02-15 12:25

Slightly south of Two Rocks.

Left at 6:15am, bagged out by 8:30am.

14kg and 7kg Jewies, Breaksea and Baldchin....2 on board.


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Mon, 2021-02-15 12:43

 early start saturday, we were on the water by 5. first drop onto a 12kg dhu, then a bit slow until around 9, when we got 2 x blackass, 2 x baldies, and one last 6kg dhu to round out the bag. trolled home, and saw free jumping mackies, but no hookups. back at ramp by 11. 

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Two Rocks

Mon, 2021-02-15 13:22

I saw a drone photo of the ramp on Sunday... Looked crazy!

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Got our bag

Mon, 2021-02-15 23:16

Left the ramp not much after 4.00 on Sunday, found it a bit slow early , still no fish at 8.30, moved to another nice lump and bagged on 75 cm banger 2 nice baldies and a size breaksea in two short drifts,back to the ramp not much after 11.00, was expecting a bit of chaos but not a boat to be seen,straight on the trailer, I had a giggle heading up the hill as there were trailers everywhere, dodged a bullet I reckon ,last time I was there took more than an hour to get on the trailer, tight lines fishos.