The Bear

A bear was chasing a little rabbit.

"Stop running and get back here!" yelled the bear.

"Never!" shouted the rabbit.

As the rabbit was running he tripped on a lamp. His soft furry foot brushed the lamp and out popped a genie.

The genie noticed the frightened rabbit was being chased by the bear.

The genie said to the bear,"Hey! If you stop chasing him I'll grant you and the rabbit both two wishes!"

The bear agreed and was so eager he jumped to go first. He said, "I wish that a had the biggest penis in the world!"

*Poof!* and his wish was granted.

The rabbit went next, "I wish I had a super fast motorcycle!"

*Poof* and the rabbit's wish was granted.

The bear looked at the rabbit and thought, "What a lame wish!"

For his final wish, the bear smirked as he wished that all the other bears in the world were female.

*Poof* his wish was granted.

The rabbit jumped on his motorcycle, revved the engine and laughed.

Just before he booked out of there he said, "I wish the bear was gay!"

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