1pce into 2pce??????

Hey guys ive done a bit of rod building and got some nice custom rods done by experienced builders but theres one question that has never been answered to me. can a 1pce rod be made into a 2pce rod? I know the action of the rod may change due to guide spacings and where do you actually cut and join it? This i dont know. The only reason is ive got some really nice rods i dont use any more but would love to convert them into two pce versions to leave permantly in the car. The only problem is these rods are quite valuable and i dont want to stuff them so im tossing weather to sell them or convert them....... I wont be doing them myself but please if anyone could seriously answer this please do, cheers spess.

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I've never had it done but

Mon, 2008-06-30 17:38

I've never had it done but good rodbuilders can make a glass to glass ferrule for this sort of thing. Not sure how much it would affect the action though.


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a little..all depends on the

Mon, 2008-06-30 19:17

a little..all depends on the original action of the blank, if its a stiff blank than not so much...light blanks, more noticable...

hence you see a lot of light blanks being used for cutoms cut in the lower section to give a 66/33 (tip / butt) spilt. the cut and additional material used to create the ferrel being lower in the blank will hide any flat spot most of the time...

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I like the Blank fitting

Mon, 2008-06-30 20:46

I like the Blank fitting into the butt ala T-curve Bluewater style, doesn't change the action of the rod as much. Either that or put 'em over your knee and carry some gaffa tape and popsticks Hardehar
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I've done that

Tue, 2008-07-01 08:27

I have done it twice Daisy - first time by driving into the mates carport with a rod on the rack - second time i cut up a Chinese cheapie from cash converters to try and make an easily carried beach rod. It cut cleanly using a bench fret saw but glassing up the joint left it a little bulky and when we tested it for flex it started to crack below the reinforcing. It might work wit h a quality rod but it could be a costly exercise. If you know anyone going to Bali, get them to take a taxi to the tackle shop in Jalan Kalimantan in Denpasar - i purchased 2 telescopics there - one 12' and one 14' - beautifully built though the 14' is a bit heavy on a long day. Both fit in a 600mm bag. They have a great range of telescopics from around 5' up. The big ones cost me around $40 each about 4 years ago.