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Part 5 of the Mindarie Mayhem Series brings a beautiful queen snapper, a very nasty bustoff and a good sized samsonfish fighting hard all the way to the boat. Seeing as there wasn't much fishing fun on the weekend, may as well rub it in with some old footage - courtesy of Andy Mac. :)

Download "Mindarie Mayhem 5" (17.5 meg, wmv, 2:47)



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Old footage is right.

Mon, 2006-05-01 14:47

The queenie was caught during the Coipasa Classic in March this year. You should be able to read about in this month's FWA mag (May 06)with my first story being published. It put up a desent fight but didn't win the comp.

The bust off was heartbreaking for Rory as it was also in the Coipasa comp and the fish had taken a heap of line before I could clear my line and grab the camera and he was really struggling to get it's head up. Doesn't look like much of a bend in the rod on the video, but I can assure you it was fully loaded at several points. If you listen carefully you can hear me tell him to check his drag. But a keen eye will note that the bust off happened just before he changes the setting (so it wasn;t my fault).

The final sambo was a while back, maybe a year or so, I love the tail flap as it hits the surface. Nice fish.


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