Mindarie Mayhem 3

Andy Mac's Mindarie Mayhem 3 - A video featuring Western Australian Dhufish, Pink Snapper and Queen Snapper caught locally out from Mindarie ramp. Awesome video with some great fishing action, make sure you download to see some of the action.

Download "Mindarie Mayhem 3" (36.3 meg, wmv, 2:40)


Download "Mindarie Mayhem 3" (36.3 meg, wmv, 2:40)


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Mindarie Mayhem 3

Tue, 2006-02-21 12:17

The first fish was taken by Big Tone and is still the boat record at 21.5kgs an awesome fish that will take some beating.

The Pinky was caught a week before last year's Blue Water classic and would have won the section hands down. In fact it would have won this years section...ah never mind, still a good fish at over 9kgs. The queenie at the end was huge and is probably the species record for the boat as well. Jeez they fight hard. Tony was again the proud angler with that one.

All fish were released.....into the frying pan and tasted delicious. Even the sambo was consumed in breadcrumbs and crushed cornflakes....didn't taste too bad, though I gave most of it to the in-laws.

Hope you enjoy the series, I have plenty more footage but perhaps not quite as exciting. If I keep catching them as regularly as I have over the last couple of weeks then there will be more footage to come.


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far out

Sun, 2007-05-06 17:01

nice video mate god damn !!! u gotta be happy with that