The Verdict

The Verdict

 Well with much aticipation I finally tested it. I now give you my honest truthful answer ( take it anyway you like put it down or give a thumbs up really not bothered ) so here we go

1.      Stability;  well omg insane, 2 people 60kg/125kg.  as we moved around a completely diff boat forwaed aft mid ships was just too easy hardly moved. then the big one! one each side the big one then gets up onto handrail holds canopy and leans as far out as he can boat remains happy. now staying were he is I start coming over wallah both on the same side yes cause it does lean but not at all for any concern

SCORE 10/10


folliowing sea very impressed stays level as and theres no bogging down as the front section of the sponcens work at treat    10/10

staight into it fark me wheres the ciro hits hard as it gets right up on top  2/10

cross cutting not to bad if you no how to work the throttle but throws the water out a long way so you no whats comming next DON the wet wether gear yup its a real c/console WET WET WET   5/10

drifting very pleasent and comfortable

So over all if you like just to cruise and fish very comfortable thumbs up worth every cent but if your a throttle jockey forget it unless you have privite health lol

end result is now its back to the shop to alter and adjust (love this stuff thats when you really can call yourself a boat builder when you actaully design your own hulls and work with them and create that ULTIMATE HULL),  so there will be more post to come time to tone the harshness down and lose the rain coat........ 


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Good stuff

Sun, 2016-01-31 11:39

Looks good. Could you use a spray chine on the front part of the sponson to deflect the water? Or maybe the front part of the sponson could become more like a wave piercer shape to look like 3 hulls at the front!


Could it work on a small scale?

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Hull design...

Sun, 2016-01-31 12:49

 ...always a trade-off...if you address one characteristic, something else is going to be compromised, but every vessel operator/occupant is different, and good on you for no doubt creating something that will suit a lot of fishos...personally I would think it exceptional for crabbing (multiple people moving around at low speeds) or light tackle pelagic fishing (angler having to constantly shift around the boat while fighting fish).

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Sun, 2016-01-31 16:41

 Looks great and there would be thousands of people who would be envious at just the fact that you can do that to a boat and they can't, well done


 Ocean bound is where I'll be found

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What about incorporating a

Sun, 2016-01-31 17:44

What about incorporating a closeable ballast into the hull design like a couple of the other big ali manufacturers... Although I haven't heard real life reviews of their effectiveness, but seems to work?


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Sponsons will always catch a lot of water.

Sun, 2016-01-31 18:03

 External exhausts running down the side of the hull became a common fitment to larger crayboats in the nineties. It was mostly done when you wanted the space on the tiller flat to mount live wells underdeck for extra carrying capacity, and hence had to route the exhaust sideways from the motor(s)to exit the hull then continue outside the hull to finish level with the transom. They had no buoyancy effect, as yours do, but the the effect on displacing water as you ran across a sea was the same. If the boat rolled into the sea a bit at speed and dipped the exhaust it would often sheet water up in large amounts.

The S-Chine Image was the best hull made and designed in WA on the bigger boats, IMO. You could really feel the damping effect of that second chine as you came off a big one, that boat rode so well.