Pinks ,boys had fun tonight

Pinks ,boys had fun tonight


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 Smashed it guys!

Tue, 2018-09-11 23:00

 Smashed it guys!

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 A few people wont be going

Wed, 2018-09-12 03:19

 A few people wont be going hungry . Well done to all


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 Bloody hell nice haul

Wed, 2018-09-12 06:06

 Bloody hell nice haul fellars  


 Happy dayz 

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Nice, We're heading out on

Wed, 2018-09-12 07:37


We're heading out on Saturday night to try to get my annual pinky.

Plenty of boats on D9 all day at the tic.

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Far out ..

Wed, 2018-09-12 08:12

far out fellas you guys have got

it dialed in nicely !. 

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 Good haul, few solid fish in

Wed, 2018-09-12 09:45

 Good haul, few solid fish in there.


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 Gotta love it when you find

Wed, 2018-09-12 12:36

 Gotta love it when you find a school like that.

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Smashing it

Wed, 2018-09-12 13:18

Good result as always


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Great Fish!

Wed, 2018-09-12 20:20

Beautiful, I hear they're thick in the sound at the moment. Everyone's nailing them before the ban..  

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Wed, 2018-09-12 20:51

 Nice guys!

Are they easy to find? Still haven't cracked it!

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I wouldn't fish in the sound at night

Wed, 2018-09-12 23:16

For all the tea in china.
After seeing on the channel 7 news the other night some complete and utter fool using snapper as a lure along side the boat to lure a good size GW to come up and have a snack.

Just imagine that this GW thinks this is a good way to get a free feed all I have to do is wait just under one of these floating things and when an exhausted snapper comes up along side the boat just reach up and snatch it.

Never mind the poor unsuspecting fisherman who is getting the snapper to the top and has just leaned over the side of the boat to net it, having the head of a 3m+ GW in the landing net and the shark is quite upset by the happening is not something to look forward to.

The bloody not thinking fool then grabs the sharks dorsal fin and discovers that there is a hook lodged in the fin, luckily he didn't get caught up on it.

To see a GW along side the boat, great experience no doubt about it, to then encourage it to take snapper or any other fish along side the boat is just not thinking things through and the possible outcomes of such action.

Just my view on things.

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Fri, 2018-09-28 03:40