Late start 2.30 pm ,Everyone heading in .Took pro Shooter out ( Wayne).37 ks first drop dhue and Pink 2nd spot baldie and shark. Then cuttlefish fish.few other bits and bobs. Big hump on pink. 8.6kg.

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Look  at the head(s) on that

Tue, 2018-07-10 22:04

Look  at the head(s) on that thing

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 Great looking fish LJ and

Wed, 2018-07-11 06:36

 Great looking fish LJ and nice mixed bag too 


 Happy dayz 

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Nice one

Wed, 2018-07-11 06:50



all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Great fish

Wed, 2018-07-11 08:54

 LJ. Good bag of fish. 

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Pink ....

Wed, 2018-07-11 11:10

 Far out Johnny .. that's good pink ! 

Hows the head on it !! 

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 thats a stonker. looks like

Wed, 2018-07-11 14:10

 thats a stonker. looks like hes been working his herum too hard and lost his weight. the girls are always chunkier than the boys . how was the length, guessing around the 950 mark. 


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That has got to be

Wed, 2018-07-11 16:49

One of the ugliest heads I have ever seen on a snapper, still I bet it didn't' make any difference to the taste, great catch you have got there.

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Flesh on it

Wed, 2018-07-11 17:45

Was fantastic .

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Mon, 2018-07-16 17:15