Millys Buff Bream on Fly DHI

Millys Buff Bream on Fly DHI

Steve Milwards Fly Caught Buff Bream, Dirk Hartog Island Boneheads Trip 2000

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Great shot!!

Thu, 2006-03-23 23:00

That is a very nice pic mate.


Andy Mac



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Thanks Andy

Thu, 2006-03-23 23:13

Millie is one of (if not the) most capable / self reliant / well prepared, fly flingers that I know - all I had to do was push the button - the hard part was him hooking that fish! I had probably as many casts at the same school as he did...but he was the one nailed it!

From memory after I'd exhausted about all the saltwater flys in my Box, Millie thought latterally and dragged out a small brown colored trout nymph and the bream raced over to eat it - amazing!

I'd given up, but not Millie - the guys dedicated as they come!