Busso Landbased Pinks

Busso Landbased Pinks

 Hey guys, been a while between posts.

With the recent run of crap weather we have had another

great run of Pinks in the bay. With many great fish being caught both

from boat and Landbased.

Last night I managed to land these 2 within 30mins.

76cm + 88cm.

Happy days

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Sun, 2016-05-29 13:48

Nice work Matt.

Who said Bunghole is a fishing desert.


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Sun, 2016-05-29 16:40

you might be confusing Busselton with Bunbury (Bunghole) there John 

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Happy is the man

Sun, 2016-05-29 14:10

Happy is the man who lands two very good snapper from the shore.

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a top effort

Sun, 2016-05-29 16:41

Well done son


 Too easy in the cheesy

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 never seen so many landbased

Sun, 2016-05-29 16:51

 never seen so many landbased snapper as this year, top effort to all that brave the weather i say