Boat Bandit

Boat Bandit

Boat Bandit vessel alarm & Tracking device!
This is whats inside the box when you get it!

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what was this kit

Sat, 2006-10-07 09:07

what was this kit worth?

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Sat, 2006-10-07 17:09

These retail at Aus$1800 usually - but for Fishwrecked members with a 20% discount you can get them at Aus $1440.

Having said that - you perhaps should read my comments hereabouts at this site, about the new ASIA GIS GPRX technology and how something "similar" in capability could probably be had for about $100.00 using the new technology if your handy at wiring things yourself! ;o)

It's not quite the same because GPRX isn't sattelite tracking (It uses cell phone towers instead) and the GPRX won't give you the full capability of the Boat Bandit in terms of interconnectivity to peripherals and remote disable engines etc, but it will still allow the fundamental for you to track the boat or car etc..

Like all things - you gets whats you pays for pretty much!

If you want to check one out and get to the Mandurah occasionally - look me up and I'll show you the one I have installed!


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