were is the justice

just something i came across and think that it is bulls&*t how lightly these people got off barely even a slap on the wrist as far as im cocerned should have been a way harsher penalty


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freee dive

Tue, 2008-03-25 11:10

yeah im a free diver as well and have heard of the paxmans as being in a class of there own but still dont beleive in what they have done

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Damm! Bazzo seafood is a

Tue, 2008-03-25 11:15

Damm! Bazzo seafood is a killa tasting fish & chipshop! Iv been going there since i could just look over the counter.

Same family owned it for many years


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Speared at Exmouth

Tue, 2008-03-25 13:26

According to one of the spearfishing websites there were apparently 8 spear fisho's that speared the 43 fish between them, so there is perhaps more to the story than what was published. Like was said these are a well known and respected spearfishing family that you would expect to do the right thing with bag limits etc.
Even so with 43 fish between 8 blokes why would you pay someone to fillet them for you? That's 5.3 fish each of which at least 14 appear to have been Spaniards, which would take less than 20minutes to fillet on your own, let alone between 8 guys. Each to their own I suppose, but that's the part that I can't quite comprehend.
Has anyone else ever hired someone to fillet for them or heard of it being done before? Seems like an odd thing to do at $1 per fish both from the filleter's perspective and the fisho's perspective. I know it takes me ages to fillet on some days with three anglers onboard but that's doing it on my own and I am pretty slow.Wink
I reckon I would take about 2.5 hours to do 43 fish on my own. So that;s $17 per hour roughly. Is that about right?
How long do you reckon it would take you to fillet 43 fish at an average size of 10kilos each?


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i wouldnt.....

Tue, 2008-03-25 13:29

i wouldnt.....


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Sound like.....

Tue, 2008-03-25 13:39

 .......Cow waste to me sorry Andy....if it was true the offenders would have presented that fact at the trial......

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Steep point

Tue, 2008-03-25 16:08


Use to be an ethnic family that went to steep point every year for 2 weeks and they took a dedicated camp helper with them , use to cook the food , clean the camp and prep all the fish into the freezer , never saw him even move away from the camp site unless it was the call of duty .


I'm sure Marc would probably know this fishing family ( not that he's ethnic but he goes there all the time , I'm at 19 trips to the point myself ).


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ive been used as a filleter

Tue, 2008-03-25 16:09

ive been used as a filleter many times - got my share of the boat fuel paid for me last year in exmouth and dont have a problem with the idea of it .... but it shouldnt be done at a fish and chip shop as it too easy to cross the line ... 43 fish of reasonable size would take me about an hour or so (more if beer is on hand) .. and macks are so easy to be silly.


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sounds pretty suss to me,

Tue, 2008-03-25 22:19

sounds pretty suss to me.