Weekend landbased fishing

Weekend started off with a trip to the narrows with tyson to meet h0ju...

Not bad but packed on a sat night.. pulled in 1 breamski about 28-30cm on a baby vibe... then headed home as tyson was having a bad weekend... he had a huge run though and was busted off...

Got up early next morning to fish the high tide down the beach... got down there late, cos we slept in... me and tyson cracking open the first beer at quinns beach around 8.45am..

Nothing there, weed was horrid and the swell was up, so we packed in about 45 mins later and headed for a spot we have at mindarie marina....

Wind was picking up quickly, but managed to pull in 5 decent herring on some gulp shrimps.. so I was stoked.. my cat got a feed and tyson was frustrated again.. you get that...

A nice lunch and a bit of a rest saw h0ju at my door and us trekking up to moore river to fish the late arvo evening...

Went to silver creek first... couple of mis-hits using a zipbait rigge 46s.. then we moved to our other spot, which always fires in the day... was using the strike pro small fry II at that stage.. no hits however, h0ju started to get primed on bait... so switched over to the coral prawns (tweeds just get pwned in this river system) and got into some tiddlers.. max 23cm... or if you were using h0ju's mutant 45+cm bream measuring eyes.. these bream were like 10cm...

Sun set... and we moved to the river mouth for the night action off the flats as the fish migrate for the night...

We sat on this beaut little platform which is almost river height and down from the road... deck chairs set.. rods firing... h0ju had 2 out! lol...

We both got into a buckletload of fish... we werent counting but id dare say we landed about 30 between us... h0ju landing more cos he sucks shit and can only get small bitches.. lol

the fish for me that I landed there were all decent size.. which i was stoked about.. the first one was peeling line off awesomely and ended up being 30+ but we didnt have our measuring stick.. we were going off my hand which is 19cm palm to middle finger tip... and so, thats accurate enough for a casual lazy fish for the night...

So yeah, landed half a dozen or a bit more all averaging around 28-30cm and pulling like horses... was a great night....

We went through 2 1kg packs of coral prawns, rigging them near whole and after they were gone, we switched to the SP's only to be disappointed as it was pitch black lol

So we packed up about 10.30 and headed home.. however, h0ju the sly bitch went to the narrows on the way home and reports he landed 6 more on baby vibes (yeah picsorban!) but hes a bcf whore so dont listen to that.


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"or if you were using h0ju's

Mon, 2007-09-24 14:57

"or if you were using h0ju's mutant 45+cm bream measuring eyes.. these bream were like 10cm..."

hahahaha classic !

top report !

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hahaha i swear man.. hes too

Mon, 2007-09-24 17:19

hahaha i swear man.. hes too used to the big suckers...

The number of times i had to justify fish size to him lol was funny

When I pulled in the like 30+ hes like, man thats 20cm! ROFL

So i was like, put my hand up to it and it was like 1 and just over a half of my landlengths so i knew it was around the 30 mark lol

What was even funnier was like, he would strike the fish and would be reeling it in going, "woo this is a good fish, good sized fish" and when he got it in it would be like 22cm lol

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hahah i love fishing with

Mon, 2007-09-24 17:19

hahah i love fishing with him hey hes such a bloody cackup to fish with

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hahahaha yeah well its not

Mon, 2007-09-24 20:11

hahahaha yeah well its not my fault i catch good bream....or maybe it is... ill be the judge of that, lol at picsorban.

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yeah you just never catch

Tue, 2007-09-25 06:00

yeah you just never catch the good ones when im around cos i catch them :P