Volvo penta

Looking at several trailer boats with 220hp petrol Volvo Penta coupled to duo props, with reasonably low hrs. Has anyone had experience with Volvo?

Servicing costs?
Parts availability?
Continuation of parts manufacture ?( have read on the internet that manufacture of certain Volvo marine engines will stop)
Have spoken to several service people who say no problems, but are they bias? Who knows.

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 Are those service people

Sat, 2021-02-20 13:16

 Are those service people that are Volvo dealers? 
I had a Volvo diesel in my last boat and it was very hard to find someone that actually knew what they were talking about. Was great when it was running well. Very frustrating when it had issues. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Sun, 2021-02-21 08:32

Service people were Volvo “specialists”

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Seapower Marine

Sun, 2021-02-21 08:55

 Seapower marine in Fremantle are the state Volvo agents?, always had no problems finding diesel parts  but don't know about petrol bits

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I always thought Seapower was

Wed, 2021-02-24 08:43

I always thought Seapower was the state VP agents also until I overhauled my KAD44 and found that CHES Power Group in Barrington St Bibra Lake now have that title.

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@220hp that would be the 4.3l

Tue, 2021-02-23 08:55

@220hp that would be the 4.3l v6? - if so parts are readily available online (like ebay) and to work on it is in principal no different to mercruiser