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I recently got hold a of a cheap old (early to mid 80's I'd guess) Guardian 5.65 hull. It definatly requires alot of work to bring back to life, but when costing the project realized I've never even been in one and know nothing abut them. Does anyone have an opinion on them. I want to restore it but dont want to pour a heap of money into a hull that never was and never will be any good. If its a crap hull I may as well forget about it and try to source another hull to use as a project...


Thanks in advance! 

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 My folks have one i believe.

Tue, 2021-02-09 12:12

 My folks have one i believe. is it the one that looks like it had a piece of 16mm ply added about half way up the hull and creates a huge amount of flare in the bow?

if so, a solid boat that rides really well (dry) in heavy down wind conditions.

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I've got one 5.7m.....Had it

Tue, 2021-02-09 13:17

I've got one 5.7m.....Had it 6 years now and have just had that convo myself as was wanting something a big bigger, but then decide for the budget I wanted to spend and the use it gets I'd be better off keeping this.

Its only my second boat, for there size I think they handle well, had it in some terrible conditions and its always performed well. I like its deck space, high sides and the cabin / roof which comes in handy both winter and summer.

I've just fixed a few sections in the floor and laid new carpet, this I will replace with thermo light in a few years pending how these repairs holds up. Looking to re power it next, want to raise the roof and maybe add a forward hatch also.

How far you want to go depends on its end use I suppose. If you wanted any other info feel free to flick a PM.


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 Thanks for the replys guys!

Tue, 2021-02-09 15:45

 Thanks for the replys guys! Much appreciated!