Thailand Fishing Adventure Reopening 2021-BKKGUY

 Hi Everyone !!!

It has been a tough year for 2020 & 2021 in Thailand tourism. 
This covid pandemic has caused major damage to all  businesses &  tourism.
After covid over, it will be a new normal social distancing and mask wearing when going outside 
Hope everyone is well here in fishwrecked forum. 
Let's us get through this difficult times together and come out stronger.
Thailand is one of the few  Asia countries which is  reopening its airports and borders for overseas tourists from Nov 2021.
News update:
We are following the Thai govt policy and  are opening  for fishing trips booking with us in Thailand.
Book the fishing trips with us if you are planning Thailand vacation trips this Dec month &  next year 2022.
Here are some of the recaps  fishing  trips highlights for your viewing pleasure:
Be it monster catch for Carps, Monster Catfish , Wild river fishing for Goonch Bagarius  and Wild Snakehead fishing, we are one of the top gun for the job.
Enjoy the videos: - Do share , likes  and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like our fishing  videos. Thanks !!
Wish everyone good health and hope to fish with you guys one day in Thailand.
Tight lines !!!
God bless everyone here with good health.- Amen


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