Texas - Hurricane Ike Damage Video

Hey Guys

I have posted fishing videos with you before - and you are still one of my favorite fishing video sites - but I thought I would share a video with you that isn't fishing - but I do think would be of interest.

I live in an area that is just a few miles from where Hurricane IKE came ashore on the Texas Coast.  I stayed during the storm -- even walked around checking for damage during the storm.

The video is posted on my fishing blog: http://www.daparsonfishing.blogspot.com/ - it shows about 150 pictures of the Damage of Hurricane Ike to the area I live in.

We are not able to fish right now because the majority of the boat ramps have been destroyed.  However, it won't be long - and I hope to post up new fishing videos that rival the great ones here.

Again - I really do enjoy the site here.


A Texan Ready to fish Soon!

Mark Redd



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I hope they had good insurance coverage

Wed, 2008-10-01 13:16

And hope you made it through okay Da. I guess the fishing will be fairly badly affected for awhile.
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Hurricane Ike

Wed, 2008-10-01 13:44

your video is mind boggling.  I am in Atlanta and watched Giraldo 24/7 for days before and after, but at no time did I realise the full extent of the damage.  I came across a few people who had been evacuated here but didn't get to hear what they returned to.

Seeing all those photos put together really gets across how disastrous Ike was.

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Wed, 2008-10-01 22:07

Didnt think there were Americans on here ... good on ya fellas!!

Da i hope you recover sooner then later mate good luck!

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Wed, 2008-10-01 22:24

Hey Guys!


It won't be long ... we Texans are a stubborn lot.  Takes more than a storm to keep up down for too long.  There are reports that the fish are thick - but difficult to launch boats right now. 

Just keep in mind ... stuff is stuff and can be replaced.  People can't.  Use stuff and love people ... just don't get that backwards!  



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