TCW3 oils


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Me and a mate are away on a fishing trip and we can't source our 

Preferred TCW3 outboard oil. All We can get is Fuchs Titan.

My question is can we mix oils with no problems??

Example: Shell Nautilus and Fuchs Titan. Are They able to be mixed in an oil tank in an oil injected Mariner.


Cheers guys.

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Sat, 2020-10-03 17:47  

not sure if that answers your question but from memory (havent reread it)  there are some differences between the oils youll have to weigh up.


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Most oils made in same

Sat, 2020-10-03 17:53

Factory’s different labels . Tcw3 is tcw3 . You will have no issue . Never effected my yammy 2 banga . Optimax and etec different of coarse.

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Mines an older 2 stroke but

Sat, 2020-10-03 20:32

Mines an older 2 stroke but done it a hundred times....I mix all the cheap shit as well with no issues.

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 Cheers guys. It's a 2004

Sat, 2020-10-03 21:26

 Cheers guys. It's a 2004 model 75hp.