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This maybe a stupid question but has any one else seen Stella 16000's? I was fliking trough a mates old copy of nafa on jigging and it had two japanese anglers using them and I was wondering are they available in australia and what is there gear ratio on them, they look similar to Stella 20000 except the spool is different.

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As far as I'm aware they are

Mon, 2008-03-31 20:11

As far as I'm aware they are an older version of the current Stellas. I'm not sure if they're still available but I think you can still get the 16000 spool if you wanna juice up the line capacity on your 10000.

Honsu or Kasey might be able to shed some more light.

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Why not just get a 10 or

Mon, 2008-03-31 20:14

Why not just get a 10 or 20k? if you want high speed and the line capacity then put a 20k spool on a 10k reel etc etc..

16000 is a weird size, but as Jay just explain they are an older model..obviously before these other sizes were around 





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Japanese Stellas come with a

Mon, 2008-03-31 20:23

Japanese Stellas come with a spare 16000 size spool which fits on the Stella SW 20000 PGs and Stella SW 10000 HGs. That might explain how they look similar to Stella 20000s (blue metallic body)

If they are grey, then they are the previous range of Stellas (1999).

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There was a Stella 16000F,

Mon, 2008-03-31 21:09

There was a Stella 16000F, about generation back. Then the large SW Stellas come with spare 16000 size spare spool.

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