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Went out for a lttle trip today with Al and Garry on Shikari today second drop my nephew aged 15 hooked up to the biggest fish for the day estimated to be 38 kg second fish was landed by my brother inlaw Owen not a big fish but still gave him a run for his money.Was a bit quiet out there today and the breeze picked up early.Al and Garry did their best to put us on the fish but they were obviously intrested in something else as I dropped about 9 different type of jigs down not to hook up.Overall not a good days fishing but still a pleasure to get back out on Shikari and be spoit by their lovely catering,as we ate heaps today.
Brother in law was so impressed with their range of gear on board on the way home dropped in to C/A in Nedlands and he bought himself a 10/000 Stella on a Van Staal rod and a 20,000 on another Van Staal rod.

If you get the chance get your ass out on Shikari

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Thu, 2007-12-27 18:49

Would have been pretty blown out today IMO Dogsoldier.

Took my kids snorkelling just out from Hillaries this morning and the seabreeze was really blowing by 10.00am.


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Yep was a tad bit

Thu, 2007-12-27 21:00

Yep was a tad bit breezy

Live to fish

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Your nephew would have been stoked

Fri, 2007-12-28 06:40

Pity about the wind.


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