Something to ponder

 Literally just walked in the door back from the yearly trip to Gnaraloo, report soon.

Something happened up there a couple of days ago that had me thinking quite a bit.

Anyway a group of 3 guys were out fishing and 45 minutes from shore when the Skipper collapsed after having a stroke.

From what has been relayed to me the crew were in a panic and unsure 

1. how to operate the vessel and 2. How to navigate properly even with a GPS.

They eventually got a handle on it and managed to get back to shore and navigate the bay which can be tricky in itself.

In a major stroke of luck there was a "surfing doctor's " convention up there and a few of them on the beach who gave first aid and a proffessional estimate on what his condition was. 

He was shipped off to Cranarvon hospital for futher treatment, luckily again for him the stroke occured in his neck so no  brain trauma. 

The thing that got me thinking is how many crews out there know how to handle a boat in a situation like that. It could have gone majorly pear shaped. 

Thankfully both my crew are experinced boaties so no problem, but Gnaraloo is very isolated and help most times not readily at hand and also the reason we don't drink while on the water. 

Luck played a major role in this situation, next time maybe not. 


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When I'd go

Sun, 2022-05-22 20:55

for long periods of time there and sometimes take out green crew I would always run them through the basics.

Hardest part for us is negotiating the run through the reef as its a bit different to the bay. 

Explain tracks on the gps is the main thing. 


As you say good thing the Doc's were in camp.


Hurry up with the TR haha..


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Mon, 2022-05-23 07:21

 One of the first things I do is go through on how to drive boat , use radio and where things are stored for a green decky. It only takes a few minutes while you are leaving the ramp.

Gnaraloo is hard enough to enter in good conditions, we used to line up the Billy goat track [on northern fenceline of the bay] and follow that in till we were almost right angles to the ramp then cut across, if swell was up then a bit earlier on the turn to allow a bit of wave following as we worked our way across. 


There is a repeater on Cape Cuvier, VHF 21 , will put you through to Carnarvon sea rescue, they can help with instruction on how to drive boat if needed. Years back when I was with Cvon sea rescue , we wanted to install a Vhf at the station but nothing came of it, There was another at the Red Bluff shop  and again I don't know if it is still in use.


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 Certainly something to think

Mon, 2022-05-23 07:30

 Certainly something to think about. Luckily for us we both know the ins and outs of t he boat and associated things. We taught brenden at a young age about it all as well. You never know when something may happen out there . We aren't getting any younger either. Also accidents happen


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 Its a good question and

Mon, 2022-05-23 08:12

 Its a good question and prompts 1 to ask how many have any sort of 1st aid skills  or gear on board to deal with a wide range of scenarios?


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On the other side of the coin,

Mon, 2022-05-23 08:15

there are other things thst we all should do, such as having a calcium score CT scan to just see whether you are at risk of a stroke.  Cost is stuff all, your GP can refer, and takes 30 minutes of your time.  I had no symptoms, had one and  came up with a 480 score, moderate calcification, then had a CT angiogram and no blockages, but potential for cholesterol to break away and form a blockage. Treatment - 2 pills a day.  I told a friend of mine, he went and had one, score of over 3,000, double bypass 2 weeks later and he had no idea.  The cardiologist wanted to put him straight into hospital.  You read about it nearly every week with someone having a heart attack or stroke.  Preventative medicine helps you play the odds, and I won't start the immunisation argument again.

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Been on blood thinners 17 years

Mon, 2022-05-23 09:31

 But still had a stroke, stroke nurse said I didn't  present as a stroke as I still had strength, clown tried to stand me up 2 hours later and I fell over, my wife said what did you expect!!! And that triggerd diabetes, strokes are nasty shit. Problem is none thinks anything will happen when their at sea


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I would be

Mon, 2022-05-23 18:21

Buggered . Most time solo . End up in South Africa.

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 It is certainly one of those

Mon, 2022-05-23 20:35

 It is certainly one of those 'stop and think' moments.

I was out with the kids on Saturday and as we charged towards Garden Island with my 5 year old son on the helm and 8 year old daughter on the bow, I asked what they would do if I fell overboard? After the initial 'I don't know?', I said that the boat would ram into the beach in a minute so they better decide. The daughter then said they would move the stick (throttle) to N and wait for me to swim to the boat. 

I was happy with that rather than them trying to motor up to me just for the time being. 

I consider it to be imperative that they both know how to operate the boat and it be a natural thing for them. If something ever happens and the wife and I are occupied and we need to get back to the ramp, they should know what they're doing.

Ironically, on Saturday, the incident happened at home. Wife was crook (Gastro, not Rona) and it escalated while we were out and resulted in her passing out while spewing into a bucket while on the toilet. Woke up on the floor....

Was a very quick trip back from GI...

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 That's a shame mate - it wad

Tue, 2022-05-24 16:31

 That's a shame mate - it wad a great day on the water!