Something is happening at Horizontal Falls

ABC is reporting a boat has capsized with 25 people involved.

Not a great spot to get in the shit. 

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 Not good at all. With PFD's

Fri, 2022-05-27 12:38

 Not good at all. With PFD's hopefully they got clear of the whirlpools and got picked up in the less turbulent water.

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Some seriously

Fri, 2022-05-27 12:47


Some seriously injured, not good at all. Hope it works out well for all involved.



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 Never thought it looked very

Fri, 2022-05-27 13:12

 Never thought it looked very safe, wouldn't have taken much to turn to shit. 


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Scarey stuff....

Fri, 2022-05-27 13:28


I loved it and would readily go back.

Our guide told us the PFD's would keep us afloat long enough for the sharks and crocs to get us....

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 Remote enough that any

Fri, 2022-05-27 15:09

 Remote enough that any marsar outback there will be real tough. 
Top class operation so I'm sure their emergency plan will be in full swing. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 Not hearing much else on

Mon, 2022-05-30 03:14

 Not hearing much else on this except numpty "journalists" trawling YouTube to make up shit?


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 That was evedent with so

Mon, 2022-05-30 12:19

 That was evedent with so many reports that have since been dismissed by the tour operator.

I did wonder how such a boat could capsize yet still head directly back to the mother ship...

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Not Capsized

Tue, 2022-05-31 14:13

 Reports today are saying it hit the rock wall and that nobody ended up in the water 


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