Sold the Boat

 Well , after 2 to 3 years of hardly getting a chance for a fish, sky rocketing costs the green turd brigade shutting us out etc , ive pulled the pin. Was a great boat did many miles and caught plenty of fish. Not gone altogether tho , im going back to how i started out 30 yrs ago. I picked up a 4.8 hornet s/console , so will be after river and estuary species and the odd close in pinkie . im going to need a new set of glasses to tie this mico braid stuff tho lol. Tight lines crew.


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Yes nothing cheap

Mon, 2022-07-04 12:54

Now days .

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Even bait has got ridiculous

Mon, 2022-07-04 13:15

 Two packs of what really was crappy octopus $50 add some IQF mulies and a kilo of squid and there is $100 bucks.  Then add fuel even with the super economic Yammy 225 and there is another $100 hmmmm , makes putting the boat in the water something to consider rather than just go.

Hope you got what you were after for the Haines

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 Sad to see you off the water

Mon, 2022-07-04 14:37

 Sad to see you off the water like that mate, hope  band life is going well?. 


Love the West!

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 Hi Andy , yeah bit of a

Fri, 2022-07-08 07:46

 Hi Andy , yeah bit of a bummer mainly my back says no lol. Band is shifting gears tho , we play the Kirup Tavern first week of next month ,then a new venue in bunbury. Hoping to get more gigs through summer. Looking forward to crabbbing again and the Augusta pub might get a run this summer .


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Mon, 2022-07-04 16:18

 Dodgy sight and fingers don't help, I don't  bother tying leaders in anymore!


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Back to the beginning

Tue, 2022-07-05 07:47

 Seems always the way, start with a dingy, gradually go bigger through a few decades, then taper off back down to something simple and easy to manage. Not there yet, but down the track I can see a rowboat in my future!

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Sadly I did

Tue, 2022-07-05 09:55


Sadly I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago and sold the boat, get up in the morning and still look for her in the driveway so feeling your pain,

The cost of running the boat along with potential cut back on catch rates etc just not worthwhile, (for me anyway)

And then you have the brigade who think they are saving the world and don't understand that they are actually doing more harm than good, but as we know the squeaky wheel gets the most grease.

Hope you get to plenty of enjoyment out of your tinny Willo.



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 It's a shame to see costs

Tue, 2022-07-05 11:12

 It's a shame to see costs such a major part of the boating equation these days. Mine is a cruising boat that I fish from sometimes so easier to justify but it does cost a lot still.


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WA government costs higher are another factor

Tue, 2022-07-05 12:11

 In addition to fuel, a quick look online shows boat rego and fishing licence costs in WA seem much higher than other states. In NSW for example a 1 year licence covering everything in salt or freshwater(line fishing, trapping, hand gathering etc) looks to be $35, whereas in WA  the licences covering comparable fishing total $290. Similalry, boat rego for a 5-6m hull s more than twice as expensive in WA, which charges more than all other states and territories. Not sure how they justify. 

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 Thing is , i sold the boat

Fri, 2022-07-08 07:51

 Thing is , i sold the boat for 4 grand less than i bought it 18 yrs ago , although it had a new trailer and lots of upgrades. Is that covid tax or what ?


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Iv done the opposite haha

Sun, 2022-07-17 16:32

Iv done the opposite haha although iv kept the 4.5 aswell. Will have to be nearly broke before I give up my fav past time. Lots of fun  inshore though, hence why I kept thr smaller one.

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Mon, 2022-07-18 07:52

 Know the feeling, glassy coming back yesterday and wanted to sit at 30 odd knots but fuel consumption was at 1.5 k/pl, so dropped back to 25 knots and 2.2 just to save a few $ over the 30 nm. Cost of living is getting a bit out of hand, but atleast were not as bad as a few other first world countries at present.


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