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So, out fishing about 5nm south of Rotto about level with West End at lunchtime and radio goes off with a Pan call.  Epirb gone off about 14 miles west of us, Coast radio asking for assistance.  There were about 5 boats out further than us but no one responded, so we thought stuff it, we will go and help.  Were told the epirb coordinates were only accurate within about 4 miles, so we headed to that point.  Nearly there and caught a flash off  windscreen about 2 miles south and headed for it, found 2 guys in about a 16 to 17 ft boat with original rego in the 76000, so I guess built about early 80s or earlier.  They could only get there motor into gear in reverse, perhaps they should have taken the lid off and tried to select forward manually.  The interesting thing was that there was no radio aerial on the boat, and if they had a handheld there was no sign of it, nor did they try and call on 16 as we got nearer.  I asked where the radio was and they said they had also lost power to the front, but when I asked where the aerial was they had no answer.  Anyway, waited with then for half an hour while the cop boat arrived, then headed back.  All in all we travelled nearly 28nm, wasted 1 and a half hours, as did 2 other private boats that were also heading out.  I understand that we all need assistance at some time, but FFS, at least have a radio and an Epirb with GPS on it if you are going out 30nm from Fremantle.

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Crazy, you did the right

Wed, 2024-05-15 12:52

Crazy, you did the right thing but yeah the intelligence / ignorance of some people is beyond believe.

Hope the water police got stuck into them, Sea rescue is a volunteer payment system at the end of the day, these cases it should be a set infringement plus costs.

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 FFS hope they cop a fine and

Wed, 2024-05-15 14:16

 FFS hope they cop a fine and have to pay any associated costs, well underprepared by the sounds of it.

Well done anyway Wagyl


Love the West!

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 Good on you but why anyone

Thu, 2024-05-16 10:55

 Good on you but why anyone would travel offshore without a GPS EPIRB is beyond me! If things get ugly you want help to find you fast!


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