Salmon Update

Just thought I might start off by mentioning that I was down at Swannie this morning early looking for some Salmon. Went last weekend early and saw what looked to me to be some Salmon trout hearding bait fish in close to shore. Didn't catch any so I went again this morning equiped with my fly rod as it was pretty calm. Didn't see any action although I saw a bloke casting lures around 80m down towards the reef a bit and was hooked up, he dropped it close to shore and when I went to have a chat he said it was a Salmon. Seconds later we saw the school BUT no hook ups. I was using a small storm SP paddle tail and stick baits but nothing..... Just though I should share a bit. As they say, SHARING IS CARING.........

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we want real salmon, not

Sat, 2008-04-26 17:18

we want real salmon, not salmon trout :p

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Have you ever tried fly for mullet?

Sun, 2008-04-27 20:35

Just wondered if mullet would take white flies if berley with bread? I saw a good shoal off Mandurah terrace foreshore last Nov. & some were reasonable size. folks were wading about crabbing but nobody fishing!

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Sun, 2008-04-27 23:07

was a bloke in a old glass boat 200m directly out from Brighton Rd beach about 1.30pm today.....he was into something....not sure what....birds were hanging around as well.....not sure what

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Sun, 2008-04-27 23:22

Was talking to a FW member today who found some this morning shore based. 

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I searched all round

Mon, 2008-04-28 08:17

I searched all round rockingham/point peron for salmon. None around at all :(


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Hi Rainbow

Mon, 2008-04-28 11:25

We used to catch mullet with dough, with garlic powder mixed into it.


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Garlic powder? El fresco Gourmet experts!

Mon, 2008-04-28 11:44

They must have been italian mullet!

Did you berley with spaghetti? I`d rather be fishin`!!!