P66 troubles

 It's taken me some time but I now got a nice clean bottom picture at speed with my p66 but the deeper I get I seem too loose detail ie upto 15m or so great detail see bait and fluffy bits after that I pick up lumps n ledges at speed but won't show life only if I go back over it at a drift speed will it show life. Also 50khz doesn't work at all blank screen and a white line with depth line set on. Hopefully not but thinking I could of damaged the cable moving it around thought I'd ask before I buy a new one

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Pretty tough...

Wed, 2021-11-10 08:32

 Yeah the units themselves seem pretty bulletproof but sounds like a prob for sure ,,, i got a 2nd hand but good condition one in munster for ya mate

 pay whatever you think,, cheers....




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 bloke 3 houses down left his

Wed, 2021-11-10 12:53

 bloke 3 houses down left his on on way back from ramp to home - for about 6hrs- 50 khz elemnet burnt out, something to be aware of?