New Sounder and Transducer

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Wed, 2021-01-06 20:59

 Do a bit of research on facebook groups and see what most people think of the axiom.


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Thu, 2021-01-07 19:13


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When I see replies like that

Fri, 2021-01-08 09:05

 ...full of insight and technical advice, I tend to think " yeah FB users, or heard it from a mates 'mate that they are shit" Sorry if this doesn't apply to you Vic Dory, but that's how it comes across. Have you actually owned/used one? Aplogies if you have, like to hear your story. Raymarine Element 12 are certainly cheap for the size of screen, you'd be missing out somewhere. This holds true for all of the the cheap versions of brands--Lowrance Hook, anyone? The basic Raymarine  RV range ( all touch screen) work OK, I have one, just not keen on pure touch on a boat. Wet fingers and a rough day can be a frustrating combination. I have both on my boat, I can tell you what gets the most use.  i've been completely happy with mine. 

And I'll be completely upfront here--my 9 RVX went in for repair this week, had a hardware failure. It just stopped me using the 1kw transducer, everything else was ok, including the RV-100 transducer, so I did the whole whites using sidevision/downvision. Bloody brilliant.  I've done 675 hrs in just under 3 years, all kinds of fishing , first problem of any type. 

if you want more info, PM me or go over to the Raymarine thread in the Sounders sub-forum on here.

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 I have a Furuno FCV 628 and

Sun, 2021-01-10 19:53

 I have a Furuno FCV 628 and 1KW Airmar transducer and cant fault it. Think it cost me around the 2K mark a couple of years ago so should be in your price range

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Update on the failure.

Mon, 2021-01-18 16:24

 Firstly, Raymarine have excellent product support, you actually talk to the technician. I raised a service ticket, got a number, freighted it in. They had it on the bench immediately. When I bought it, you got 2 years warranty just on proof of purchase, or 3 years if you actually registered. Guess who forgot to register. They gave me the three years coverage anyway, no questions asked except an  invoice, just came in within the 3 years. So, replacement free of charge. The tech did caution me to get the B175M tested, as a fault in the transducer can cook the transmitter board in the head unit. So I took it out, took it to a company in Geraldton  who are Airmar and Raymarine agents, yes, the TX is faulty. No warranty on that, so I am up for a new 175. So not the Axiom Pro's fault. 

I've been using a HDS 9 (gen 3) on a mates boat for a while, boy , are they pretty ordinary compared to the Axiom Pro, in all respects. Just awful to use when you are used to the good stuff.

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Good warranty support

Mon, 2021-01-18 17:12

Good warranty support there. 

Do you always turn off the sonar transmission when the Axiom is on and the boat out of the water? Those 1kW TX's get hot and can fail if firing out of the water. 


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Mon, 2021-01-18 20:32

 Well aware of the risks, learnt that long ago with the crayboats. It had been run for a very few minutes at a time out of the water when doing system setup. The Disable All Sounders option is very easy to find with them, comes up when you touch the power button.  I'd had nothing to do with Raymarine support previously , apart from the now-archived forum. But I've spoken to a couple of vendors during the course of this, and they say that Raymarine support is excellent.